Rolf Bezemer

Executive Vice President & General Manager International

Rolf Bezemer is an enterprise software executive with more than a decade of leadership experience in cloud HCM (Human Capital Management) solutions.

At First Advantage, Rolf is the Executive Vice President & General Manager International where he leads growth in EMEA, India and APAC marketplaces.

Rolf most recently led global sales at Lumesse, a leading human capital technology in the world’s fastest growth regions in terms of software and cloud developments—Europe, Asia and the United States. With his background across 3 continents, Rolf brings a wealth of experience and understanding of global diversity in the HCM space and the need for global, consistent policies whilst enabling local efficiency in HR practices and compliance.

Before Lumesse, Rolf held various executive roles in high-growth companies ranging from Aon, MrTed, StepStone Solutions, and HRBoss. He earned his Masters Degree in Public Administration from Erasmus University Rotterdam.