Background Check Services in India

Background screen employees, volunteers and residents confidently with our resident and pre-employment background check expertise. Build a unique, robust solution with our configurable suite of services to help minimise risk and maintain compliance.

India Screening And Verification Landscape

  • Nascent industry with growing needs and awareness
  • A policy mandate for Fortune 1000 and other global organisations
  • An estimated 66 million checks conducted
  • Top three in priority on the hiring criteria – not just a ‘tick in the box’
  • Increased awareness and adoption of screening in the domestic market across verticals

Employee Solutions

  • Education Check – Ensure that the candidate has not made any false claims pertaining to their academic achievements and educational qualifications.
  • Identity Check – Validate the identity of the candidate by checking their pan card, passport, ration card, etc. 
  • Court Record Check  As all serious offences and crimes are filed in respective courts, with the help of law firms/ independent lawyers and as per the requirement of the customer, we undertake to check respective courts relating to any judgement/pending cases of a candidate. We validate that no legal case whatsoever has been filed against the candidate with the High Court, District Court or Sessions court.
  • Drug Test – Conduct a drug test on the candidate and ensure that they do not consume amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates, etc.
  • Address Check – Confirm that the residential address provided by the candidate is correct.
  • Employment Check – Verify the details provided by the candidate with regards to their previous employment, tenure, designation, CTC and nature of exit.
  • Resume Check – Ensure that the particulars mentioned in the candidate’s resume are true and do not contain any discrepancies.
  • Database Check – Ensure that the candidate does not feature in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles.
  • Criminal Record Check – A criminal background check of an individual is a check that delves into the criminal details, if any, of an individual’s past. Organisations conduct criminal background checks to reduce legal liability for negligent hiring and to ensure a safe work environment for employees. It is done to verify that the candidate is free of any criminal record/proceedings against them.
  • Credit Check – Confirm that the candidate has a clean credit report.
  • Fingerprint Test – Conduct a fingerprint test to verify that the candidate’s fingerprints confirm all the relevant information about them, which includes their name, birth, address, employment, etc.

Vendor Solutions

  • Franchise Screening – FADV helps screen the credentials of potential vendors before handing over franchise rights in order to mitigate risk to the reputation of the organisation.
  • Vendor Screening –  FADV’s screening service help to minimise your company’s potential liability by screening your potential and current agencies, partners, vendors and suppliers.
  • Retail Outlet Screening – First Advantage enables businesses take decisions to expand operations by verifying the credentials of retail outlets who would be responsible to showcase your brand.
  • Big Partner Screening – First Advantage helps in taking decisions of partnering or associating with an organisation on a long-term basis by screening the background history and credibility of that organisation to avoid potential risk in the future.

Customer Solutions

  • Students Screening – First Advantage screens credentials mentioned in the CV/Resume of freshers, to avoid hiring wrong people for the right job.
  • Customer Screening Know Your Customer (KYC) – Services include verification of various Identity Proofs, Age Proofs, Address Proofs and Income Proofs of customers required under KYC compliance.
  • Agents Screening – FADV’s screening service to help minimise your company’s potential liability by screening your potential and current agencies, partners, vendors and suppliers.

Consumer Solutions

  • Driver Screening – Background screening of drivers, maids and other help offered to individuals and families.
  • Resume Verification – FADV certification for background screening of individuals such as job seekers.
  • Matrimony Screening – Essential background screening of prospective brides and grooms offered to individuals and families.
  • Tenant Screening – Empowers you with the knowledge of your tenant’s true identity, his/her criminal record, previous reference checks, etc.

Specialised Screening Packages

  • Infinity Screening Package – In the ever changing job world today, Infinity screening helps screen employees, who have been working with an organisation for several years, by cross verifying and double checking their background from time to time in order to avoid any risk to the brand’s reputation.
  • Fresh Hire Package – This package helps screen freshers and students right out of uni by screening their resumes/CVs and cross verifying the projects they had been associated with while in college.
  • BPO Package – FADV enables BPOs to perform quick hires by screening the background and credentials of the potential employee in order to get the right person for the position available.
  • Executive Package – This package is specially designed to screen executive level positions for any organisation to make sure the ones hired to take key decisions for the organisation are with the best credentials in the market.
  • Customised Package – When your screening needs don’t exactly fit into any of the services listed by us, we can customise a screening package that would be tailor made specifically to cater to the needs of the hour for you.

Cost of Negligent Hiring


10% turnover reduction reported when companies background check

– 2016 Aptitude Research Partners


90% of background reports are returned within 24 hours

– First Advantage


Companies who invest in screening are 3X more likely to track quality of hire

– 2016 Aptitude Research Partners

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