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International Verifications​

Our international verification checks provide credential confirmation in countries where candidates have lived and worked via some of the most robust international coverage possible. 

Streamline And Centralize Global Verifications

Employers in any country know the best way to ensure a candidate has the required experience, skills or certifications is to take the time to verify the candidate’s background information. Yet, when candidates have lived in other countries, it can be hard to know where to start.  Who does one you call to confirm professional credentials in Tokyo? How do you validate and connect with a past employer that’s a start-up firm in Dubai?  Our Multinational Verification Checks can help by saving organizations the time and resources required to research and validate international information provided by candidates, and then verify the details.  

Access All The Verifications You Need – Global, National And Local – In One System

Verifications aren’t always available in every country. Also, there is likely a different protocol required for performing the different types of verifications from one country to the next. We have decades of experience in the global screening market, and employ thousands of staff in 27 locations across 13 countries, in addition to using a network of local partners. This unique, feet-on-the-street presence enables us to conduct verifications of the highest quality, using a local language as necessary to provide high quality results and fast turnaround times.

Organizations That Use First Advantage International Verification Checks Can:

Mitigate risk

associated with hiring unlicensed, uncredentialed or uncertified professionals in roles requiring professional licenses or drivers’ licenses

Minimize unable-to-verify rates

and accelerate turnaround times by ensuring consistent follow-ups and economies of scale

Hire efficiently and intelligently

by verifying non-US employment and educational backgrounds

Avoid conflicts of interest

for senior management positions by completing a directorship check where a candidate is, or has previously, resided

Streamline and centralize

global verifications, along with other global screening components, under one user-friendly platform and screening provider

Our Expanded Selection Of Global Verifications Include

Global Education Check

We verify stated education through contact with educational facilities or their designee. Results may include attendance dates, course major or main subject, qualification or degree(s) attained, and date qualification was awarded.

Global Employment Check

We verify stated employment through contact with the employer or their designee. Results may include employment dates, job titles, responsibilities, salary, circumstances of termination and eligibility for rehire.

Global Reference Check

We obtain information on a candidate’s personality, demeanor, professionalism and work ethic through references provided by client or candidate, where available.

Global Professional License Check

We verify stated professional licenses, registrations, memberships, credentials or certifications. Results may include license, membership or registration status, any restrictions or sanctions.

Global Directorship Check

We search to determine if a candidate has, or had, fiduciary and/ or board of directors’ responsibilities for one or more companies, thereby identifying a potentially undisclosed conflict of interest, or confirming a candidate’s disclosed experience and expertise.

Global Drivers History Check

We verify driver’s license credentials and status for that jurisdiction. Results may also include driver history, conviction history, expiration, driving restrictions and identity information.