Trends Report 2020

The First Advantage India trends report

The First Advantage India trends report quantifies the trends and qualifies the nature of applicant fraud in India in 2020. As organizations fight for the best talent available in the marketplace, it has become a necessity for them to get the insights they need to hire people with the right skills and backgrounds. We are very happy that many organizations are utilizing our trends reports to model their background screening programs and establish best practices. Such a proactive approach to background screening is enabling companies to make informed hiring decision, resulting in improving the quality of hires.


  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Quarter 
  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Industry
  • Discrepancy Percentage – By Component
  • Discrepancies – By Component across Zones in India and Abroad
  • Discrepancies – By Top 6 State 
  • Employment, Education & Address Discrepancies – By Top 10 Cities
  • Categorization of Discrepancies – By Component Employment, Education & Address 
  • Discrepancies – By Employee Age, Industry Category
  • Verification success percentage

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